Brand Policing

i-Promote can police the brand throughout a businesses extended offices, sales networks and franchisees. We can provide reporting throughout all levels of an organisations hierarchy ensuring corporate guidelines are adhered to closely and communications are rolled out efficiently

What can BrandPilot do?

  1. Create custom marketing campaigns for extended offices, sales networks, franchisees in-line with the parent businesses own objectives.
  2. Identify and suggest i-promote products and services to use in forthcoming campaigns.
  3. Monitor the status of all web/print projects in progress throughout the networks of extended office / franchise / sales networks.
  4. Provide appraisal tools, to effectively identify office / franchise / sales networks strengths and weaknesses which can assist in constructing a more targeted business / manufacturer driven campaign.
  5. Monitor i-promote product and services sales trends by region / country.
  6. Provide tools to evaluate the manufacturers own management teams effectiveness.
  7. Provides tools to help management within the businesses / manufacturer / franchisee support the extended office / franchisee / sales network.
  8. Shares key insights using sales assist and collaboration tools.
  9. The Wall – Unique alogorothm based robot harnessing all data which detects campaign trends / successes / failures posting key insights to a private social media wall. The robot also notifies relevant management / groups of any KPI’s for those managers to act on.

We operate a unique business building model called The Grid™which develops and expands your online presence area by area.